Report - January 27, 2022

Generate CAD models automatically with PLM data

Design engineers often must spend a lot of time on CAD model data management - but not if they use CIM Database. The CAD Job Services for our PLM applications automate many routine tasks and process them systematically, fast, and error-free.

CAD Job Services eliminate manual and potentially error-prone processes in the creation of 3D models by providing automated support for typical routine tasks in the handling of product structures (bill of materials with model reference). Here we describe some of the use cases that these services make faster, safer, or possible at all for the first time.

Creating a 100% CAD model in variant management

The starting point here is a virtual product with a regulated 150% maximum BOM (image bottom left) and 150% CAD model. CAD Job Services can be used to automatically generate the 100% CAD model for a variant.

From the product structure to the CAD model

In the BOM-driven approach (BOM2CAD), a product structure exists in the PLM without a CAD model. At the "push of a button", the necessary CAD models are generated and - if available - automatically built into an assembly. In this scenario, it is thus possible to generate raw CAD data without the assistance of designers. This data can then be further used and optimized in the CAD system.

Replacing components

A component is replaced in a product structure with consistently created document references and an existing CAD model. CAD Job Services ensure that models are automatically replaced, and the bill of materials is updated.

Controlling CAD models with features

Recurring geometrically identical components with different dimensions are predestined for a high degree of automation. The combination of CAD model template, CAD Job Service and Universal Classification provides support here. Our classification system takes over the control of the parameters: Users create a new article based on a template and enter the necessary characteristics in Universal Classification. The CAD Job Service then automatically generates the necessary CAD model from the PLM data and the CAD model template.

The benefits of these CIM Database services are obvious: Product designers get to the CAD model faster without manual effort. The methodically defined access to the model context increases process reliability. And the structural knowledge in PLM can be used efficiently in different specialist applications.

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