Press release April 15, 2021

Wirtschaftswoche journal: CONTACT Software far ahead among the digital pioneers

CONTACT is one of the top 10 companies in the Wirtschaftswoche journal award "Digital Pioneers of Medium-Sized Businesses 2020".The digital performance and growth power of a total of 4,000 companies were compared.

Corona is once again stepping up the pace of digital transformation. An exclusive study shows which companies are particularly far along. In cooperation with the Wirtschaftswoche journal, the management consultancy Munich Strategy and the Amsterdam-based digital consultancy Bloom CONTACT Software are among the 10 best of a total of 4,000 companies evaluated. The study highlights the digital performance and growth of the software company.

To identify the pioneers, Munich Strategy and Bloom evaluated the progress of around 4,000 companies in their digital transformation. The result was a "Digital Score", which is made up of two-thirds digital performance strength and also the company's growth strength.

The results published in Wirtschaftswoche put CONTACT in 8th place out of 4,000. The comparison shows which companies have made particular progress in transforming their business processes and digitizing their offerings. Companies from all sectors with annual sales of between five million and one billion euros were examined. The top 50 also include other software and service providers such as TeamViewer, Nemetschek and PSI as well as well-known providers of high-tech solutions such as Balluff, Bizerba and Gira. The 50 digital pioneers increased their sales by more than 30 percent on average between 2015 and 2019.

These companies are characterized by a comprehensive digital business model and a clear strategy for developing new digital business areas. CONTACT successfully complements its classic PLM business with offerings for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and software services in the cloud (SaaS). Managing Director Maximilian Zachries commented: "We are incredibly proud of this excellent ranking. It underlines the importance that digitalization has for us and not least for our customers today. It is the driver for entirely new business, but also for many of our customers' initiatives in terms of innovation, quality and efficiency in their existing business”.

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