Press release - January 4, 2021

CONTACT Software expands partner network at high-tech hub Taiwan

The CONTACT Global Ecosystem has a new partner in the "Silicon Valley" of Taipei. PilotSoft Technology, specializing in product design and development management applications, now supports Taiwan's high-tech industries and contract manufacturers with outstanding solutions and services around the CONTACT Elements platform.

The Taiwanese industry is best known as a manufacturer of electronic components and products such as semiconductors, panels, notebooks and smartphones. Here, for example, Foxconn, one of the world's largest companies in this field, manufactures electronics and computer parts for Apple, Dell, Intel, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony and many other international IT companies.

"Increasing competition is forcing the local industry to radically modernize their product development processes," said Alan Lee, General Manager of PilotSoft Technology Co. Ltd. "With the CONTACT Elements platform, we now offer best-in-class solutions that enable companies to make their product development more efficient and successfully implement Industry 4.0 projects."

CONTACT's new partner in Taiwan is a leading provider of CAD, PLM and IoT software. His customers are manufacturers of consumer electronics and high-tech industries. PilotSoft Technology is headquartered in Taipei's Nankang Software Park. Many multinational corporations such as Asia Pacific Telecom, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, NXP Semiconductors and numerous other technology companies have settled here, so that the Nankang district is today considered the Asian "Silicon Valley".

PilotSoft Technology's experts have already started initial projects with customers who want to modernize their development and manufacturing processes with new PLM and IoT solutions.

"With PilotSoft Technology, we have a strong partner with excellent market access in one of the fastest growing industrial regions in the world," says Michael S. Murgai, Director Strategy & Operations at CONTACT Software. "Together, we can significantly support the companies located there on their way to smart manufacturing."

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