Press release - February 17, 2020

Go live of CIM Database PLM at Swiss Rollstar AG

Rollstar AG drives have been a trademark on all continents for half a century. With the go live of CONTACT's PLM solution, the company aligns its product development processes more efficiently and future-proof.

The Swiss company Rollstar AG, based in Egliswil/Aargau, develops innovative drive solutions that are in demand worldwide in tunnel construction, the cement and metallurgical industries, machine tool manufacturers and other sectors. The company exports more than 90 percent of the planetary gear units and hydraulic motors produced individually for customers in modular design.

By using CIM Database as a central data hub for all phases of the product life cycle, Rollstar makes its processes along the product creation process consistent and agile. An integrated data and workflow management for CAD data and documents, articles and parts lists replaces the previous solutions in the company.

"We want to bring our products to market faster and be prepared for new requirements", design manager Patrick Rauch outlines Rollstar's goals. "CIM Database offers everything we need".

The PLM platform provides all relevant information across departmental boundaries according to the principle of single source of truth and improves collaboration within development and with customers and partners. A powerful ERP connection ensures seamless data exchange with the company's IT.^

"The flexibly scalable CONTACT Elements platform, on which CIM Database is based, is perfectly suited for the medium-sized Swiss industry", emphasizes Michael S. Murgai, Managing Director of CONTACT Software Schweiz AG. "Its powerful modular system, which we are continuously expanding with the latest technologies, ensures a fast ROI and the innovative ability of the companies". Later expansion stages involve product configuration, requirements and project management, and the calculation of project and product costs.

Rollstar products can be found wherever maximum drive torques are required in the tightest of spaces. The Swiss manufacturer scores with a high vertical range of manufacture and produces all motors and gearboxes in house with the exception of heat treatment. "With the introduction of CIM Database, we ensure a seamless flow of information throughout the entire product life cycle," says Rauch. "In this way we can guarantee the quality for which we are known in the future as well".

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