Everything in flow: management of the existing building stock and central knowledge archive

The Federal Waterway and Navigation Administration (WSV) is responsible for the maintenance, expansion and construction of federal waterways and associated facilities such as locks and ship lifts. The Federal Agency is supported in its work by the Federal Information Technology Centre (ITCBund). The ITBund provides strategic and conceptual advice to the Federal Ministry of Transport and the units of the department on the updating of the IT framework concept and the further development and optimization of IT solutions. The employees are also responsible for planning and implementing projects at federal administrative level.

Image Source: Uwe Seyffarth, WSV


Germany-wide WSV system for the "digital administration of technical documents" (DVtU) with integrations to MicroStation (CAD) and MS Office; central documentation platform for technical drawings, construction plans, static calculations, expertises, approval and approval procedures; management of the digital construction inventory (archive) and locally used software components in the offices on site; process support for the creation, administration and filing of all documents of the WSV system.


With currently more than 2500 users, DVtU is one of the most important structural IT applications within the WSV. The offices with their hundreds of thousands of technical documents, distributed throughout Germany, use CIM Database to manage the necessary information for the maintenance and new construction of structures along the waterways in a uniform, efficient and reliable manner. Workflows and stored business processes ensure the execution and documentation in accordance with the respective administrative regulations, approval steps as well as testing and approval processes. In addition, the central archive serves as a WSV-wide knowledge source and digital long-term archive over the entire lifecycle of the buildings.


The networking of the offices with the DVtU in Ilmenau makes it possible for the first time to have cross-agency access to the WSV's central building stock plant. Employees can find and evaluate documents quickly, securely and in their respective valid forms via the authority's internal intranet. Interfaces to other core systems of the WSV, for example. of the waterway database or the Web Mapping Services of the WSV, make it easier to carry out comprehensive research on various technical aspects of the individual plants.
The digital administration of technical documents with CIM Database allows for the first time nationwide and cross-agency access to the building stock plant.
Jens-Uwe Beer
Head of the IT sub-project DVtU
(Digital Management of Technical Documents) of the WSV

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