Advantages for enterprises and employees

  • Control all your devices – easily and securely
  • Get accurate information about the behavior of a specific device
  • Operate a continuous optimization of the device usage

Simplify your work

The Device Management takes over the identification and control of the devices in the field or entire populations of devices (of a certain customer group, a certain region, ...). Initially, devices are made known in the control centre as soon as they are put into operation (e.g. handshake procedure) and a corresponding device record including its reference to a Digital Twin is created. During operation, remote control activities are then implemented by passing on control commands or software/parameter updates to change the properties of the devices.

Related Elements

Intelligent document logistics: organizing and utilizing know-how enterprise wide

Provision of knowledge with intelligent document logistics

Significantly speed up document research

Reliable protection of valuable know-how

Accelerate testing and release processes

Meet regulatory requirements with less effort

Manage tasks, standardize and accelerate processes and meet regulatory requirements

Map and standardize recurring processes as process templates

Speed up processes and ensure compliance

Direct integration in task and project management

Classify parts, documents and other objects - increase data transparency, findability and reuse

Optimize the organization of master data with a universal classification system

Speed up the development process and support systems engineering

Use class lists of characteristics to reduce parts variety and costs – use object plans for visual support when searching for parts

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Configure variants with 150% BOMs

Manage BOMs and ensuring compliance

Use reliable interfaces between development and production


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