PowerScript – Basics

PowerScript - an object framework developed by CONTACT based on the programming language Python - offers extensive possibilities to implement special application requirements based on the CONTACT technology platform in a customer-specific way.

Following an introduction to programming with Python and the integration of PowerScript modules, the object oriented programming in Python is deepened. Conclusively, the interfaces between the CONTACT technology platform and Python will be examined. Through accompanying exercises, the training provides an opportunity to implement UserExits and integrate them into the technology platform.


  • Teaching the basics of object-oriented programming with Python
  • Relationship between database objects and PowerScript objects
  • Mapping simple application logic in PowerScript
  • Learn the basics of influencing the application
  • Get to know the basic features of PowerScript Studio

Target audience

The training is aimed at application developers who want to extend existing applications based on the CONTACT technology platform or develop their own customer-specific applications.


  • Successful participation in the training course "Application Design – Basics"
  • Basic knowledge of programming and the use of database systems is recommended.


  • Introduction to the programming language Python
  • Object-oriented programming in Python
  • PowerScript Object Framework
  • Interaction of database and PowerScript objects
  • Interface between CONTACT technology platform and PowerScript
  • CONTACT development environment PowerScript Studio
  • Practical exercises and application examples
Duration: 4 days
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