This is CONTACT Elements

Elements is the world's most modern platform and technology for digitization and collaboration throughout the product process. It combines the best open technologies and special applications with unique user experience.

Flexible like Lego, the modular principle of Elements stands for solutions that are much more than the sum of their parts: each outstanding in its own right, together something unique!


What are the advantages?

  • Reliably run global enterprise-class solutions; and extend them agilely and bimodally
  • Simplify the development and update of your solutions with an open, modular architecture
  • Benefit from the most advanced software technologies using open source components as Eclipse and Python
  • Complete tasks faster and more reliably thanks to an outstanding user experience
  • Access a library of state-of-the-art applications for the entire product life cycle

Get to know companies that use CONTACT Elements for outstanding solutions

One platform for many processes

Bosal is the expert in car transport solutions that make day-to-day mobile life easier and more comfortable. The Group uses CIM Database as a worldwide PLM system at 35 locations to control the product development process from inquiry to start of production and to document the results seamlessly.

Safe procedures in medical technology

Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe (OSTE), the medical technology specialist of the Olympus Group, develops and manufactures products for minimally invasive applications. OSTE uses CIM Database as a PLM system and, with its powerful document management system including digital signature, ensures secure procedures in the development process that comply with the rules.

Integrated processes halve cycle times

Weidmüller, a specialist for industrial connectivity technology, uses CIM Database in all phases of the product lifecycle from idea to discontinuation. The high-tech company benefits from accelerated development processes due to improved integration - the lead time for customer orders has been halved.

The Elements modules for your digital initiatives

Use the world's most modern platform for digitization and collaboration in product processes.

Build solutions from open technologies, core services and special applications. Get to know the Elements modules and reach your goal faster.

Product Management
Product Architecture
Product Elaboration
Digital Product Application
Principles & Methods

    Get to know our technologies

    Communicate between a wide range of different IT systems and integrate enterprise applications

    Achieve enterprise-wide process coverage

    Make data available across systems for your enterprise applications

    Implement new digital business models in the Internet of Things

    Know-how protection and reliable operation through secure log-in procedures, system protocols and encryption

    Rely on maximum security standards with a system that is immediately adapted to the latest findings on new vulnerabilities

    Ensure reliable transport encryption with fully HTTPS-based communication

    Rely on access protection with personalized logins and multi-factor authentication

    Ensure the confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of your data through a combination of encryption methods

    Use development data on all devices, including mobile devices

    Make your development data available on all devices, including mobile devices

    Inspire your staff with a new user experience and seamless workflows on all end devices 

    Role-based, comprehensive regulation of access to project and product data along their processes, thus protecting know-how

    Implement key requirements for know-how protection reliably throughout the entire company

    Take advantage of the possibilities offered by a particularly powerful and dynamic rights system

    Ensure validity control with reliable version management while at the same time providing support for collaboration

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