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Smart products that are both intelligent and networked will be decisive for tomorrow's business world. McKinsey estimates that in 2025, up to 11% of GNP worldwide will be generated by this type of product. Enterprises that offer demanding, service-intensive products will benefit greatly from this development. Elements for IoT is the leading architecture and platform, made from best-in-class components, that makes it possible to implement innovative business models faster.

Advantages for enterprises and employees

  • Creating unique digital offerings for customers even faster
  • Delighting customers with end-to-end solutions
  • Convincing customers with best-in-class components, for example for data analytics and predictive maintenance
  • Using an open platform that integrates the cloud and other services
  • Top priority for the security of IT solutions

Set yourself apart with unique digital offerings. Now.

According to Gartner, the complexity of implementation is one of the three main hurdles for IoT initiatives. That is why we developed CONTACT Elements for IoT. It will allow you to combine the physical and digital worlds in unique ways – before your competitors do. With the harmonized technology modules from the Elements platform, you will secure your market position even faster. Concentrate on innovative products and services that give your customers real added value. We will provide the reliable IT logistics to implement the digital processes you need to do this.

Create a comprehensive customer journey to remember

Your customers expect you to provide smooth, seamless process support. From commissioning through to after-sales. From maintenance through to help in remedying errors. From customer contact management through to billing. The crucial element here is data that is collected during product operation and is then finally consolidated and analyzed in order to program maintenance and repair work, initiate billing processes, or offer additional related services. Only consistent, coherent process integration can provide a truly convincing digital offering.

Closed-loop processes
What makes the solution special: The direct reference to the product and closed-loop approach in product management that creates a unique customer relationship. Experience from the field brings you a decisive competitive advantage when designing the next generation of products.

Data is the new oil! Create value added with smart products

Cyber-physical systems
The future of products is smart. Simple products are developing into intelligent, networked products and services – or cyber-physical systems. As components of a distributed product architecture and also directly connected with analytics and business logic. Their value during use no longer depends solely on their on-board software but also on services and updates from the Internet as well as on networked IT and cloud services.

Create value added with product data
The advantage for you: You can make better use of your product data in your processes. CONTACT possesses outstanding expertise in harmonizing products together with their different facets and physical and virtual components. We will provide you with the key modules so that you can impress your customers with the value added made possible by product data – the heart of any industrial IoT initiative.

Integrate the cloud and services of your choice

The digital world is witnessing a revolution. At present, the IT market is breaking the speed records of the last 20 years. It is impossible to confront changes on this scale with monolithic, stationary systems. More than ever before, openness and modularity are the factors determining the success of IT systems. Distributed, bi-modal architectures are necessary to operate the systems and multi-cloud capability is needed for maximum flexibility.

That is why the Elements for IoT component architecture offers the best possible technology option. It combines specialized functional modules with carefully selected, outstanding open-source modules. Perfectly harmonized across releases.

Make your digital offerings secure

The system security of IT components is the result of conscientious, competent, continuous work. It is not individual components that offer genuine protection but an end-to-end security architecture at every level of system design and a matching technology stack.

That is why we work not only with our own elements but also with carefully selected open-source components whose reliability in terms of security is nowadays unrivaled by any proprietary software. In this way, we can monitor every aspect of the security mechanisms both in the vertical technology stack and along the operating and update processes.

A machine becomes smart

CONTACT and the Fraunhofer IPK have implemented a scenario for predictive maintenance. The heart of the system is a machine that has been retrofitted to a digitally networked test bench for drive axles.
CONTACT Elements for IoT, gave us a rapid way of implementing our concept for the lifecycle monitoring of production equipment.
Dipl.-Ing. Claudio Geisert
Production Plant and System Management
Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology (IPK)

Energizing your digital business - Powered by CONTACT Elements

Powered by CONTACT Elements means: You use the most modern platform and technology available worldwide to combine the physical and digital worlds. Concentrate on innovative products and services that give your customers real added value. Elements provides the modules for the reliable information logistics that help you implement the digital processes you need to do this.


Flexible like Lego, CONTACT Elements' modular design principle stands for solutions that are far more than the sum of their parts: each impressive in its own right – combined outstanding! Get to know the Elements for IoT modules better!

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