The easy way to organize, share and publish product data

Workspaces is CONTACT's completely new, open solution for CAD and multi-CAD data management. It permits the faster, synchronized cooperation of your self-organized development teams. Among themselves and with partners and suppliers worldwide. And you make your data available automatically and reliably in your enterprise's PLM and ERP backbone.

Advantages for your teams and projects

  • Simplify team working and cut development times
  • Achieve the perfect interaction of CAD and data management systems
  • Integrate partners and suppliers seamlessly in the workflow
  • Pass on the results of development reliably to the enterprise processes
Project work today is characterized by intensive collaboration

Ensure smoother cooperation and cut your development times

Predefined requirements, specifications, existing solutions and installation spaces as geometrical contexts all go together to form the starting point for new products and technical changes. With Workspaces, you provide your users with the ideal environment in which to organize their CAD and Office data clearly and simply.

Work-in-progress: provide better support for shared development work
The challenge for your employees: coordination during development when they work together on modules and products but everyone has their own specific tasks. With shared workspaces, snapshots, online and offline modes and smart synchronization aids, Workspaces gives your developers the tools they need. The advantage: routine tasks demand less effort.

Benefit from the perfect interaction of CAD system and data management

With Workspaces, you benefit from outstanding CAD and team data management for high-end CAD systems such as Dassault Catia and SolidWorks, Siemens NX and Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor and PTC Creo. In this way, you profit from CONTACT's reputation as an independent, responsible partner for high-performance CAD environments. Cooperation with SolidLine, the leading supplier of SolidWorks solutions, is the perfect example of this. And if your company uses multiple CAD systems then you can take advantage of the benefits of multi-CAD data management.

Integrate partners and suppliers seamlessly into your workflows

Efficient collaboration, including with customers, partners and suppliers, is one of the greatest challenges facing companies today. Mountains of e-mails, uncontrolled copies and rigid procedures are only the tip of the iceberg of obstacles for projects and teams.

Containers simplify information logistics
Workspaces work better: as smart content containers for the lightweight, digital synchronization of even complex CAD data and changes. Or together with the Workspace Manager for even more functionality. Or even to connect with your partner's PLM system. The underlying principle: the controlled, intelligent synchronization of the Workspaces containers and their content.

Pass on your development results reliably to your business processes

Good team data management simplifies collaboration during product development. This is what we mean by the concept “work in progress”. It is equally important to supply results to other departments, processes and systems, such as ERP. Workspaces does this at the touch of a button. By passing on the model data not only automatically but also securely and to the right recipients depending on its status. And prepared – for example using 3D Connect – in such a way that your users can easily work with the model data even independently of the CAD system.

Workspaces gives our designers a lot of creative freedom: perfect teamwork, simple and secure data organization − and all this with justifiable administrative effort!
Jürgen Gonschior
PLM Product Consultant
Bosch Packaging Technology

CAD and multi-CAD data management for teams – powered by CONTACT Elements

Powered by CONTACT Elements means: You use the world's most modern technology for your CAD data management and collaboration. Workspaces helps you do this with integrated application modules, from integration in your CAD systems through high-performance version management for concurrent engineering and on to the provisioning of data to your back-end systems. Flexible like Lego, CONTACT Elements' modular design principle stands for solutions that are far more than the sum of their parts: each impressive in its own right – combined outstanding!

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    Project Management
    Product Elaboration
    Digital Product Application
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