Press release - December 11, 2018

Global financial automation provider KISAN counts on CONTACT Software

Banks, exchange offices, casinos: The Korean market leader in the financial automation industry increases the security and speed of global monetary transactions with Project Office from CONTACT Software.


KISAN Electronics is a global leader in banking automation products and solutions. Based in South Korea, the company develops cash management systems and, above all, technologies for detecting counterfeits and denominations as well as fitness sorting - a process that automatically segregates damaged or faulty means of payment.

In order to continue its successful growth, the company replaces its existing project management system with CONTACT Project Office. With the decision for the solution from CONTACT Software, KISAN is in a position to optimally exploit its innovative power and bring new product developments to market faster in the future. 

The company was particularly impressed by the high transparency and scalability of Project Office. The shared use of data documents, parts lists and change services ensures smooth multi-project management within the research and development department of KISAN. Project structure plans (Work Breakdown Structure, WBS for short) and task management systems can be easily operated with Project Office, additional functions can be flexibly extended.     

"The ability to react quickly is crucial for KISAN's customers and therefore also for us, "says Seongsoo Yoon, Head of Research and Development at KISAN. "That's why we need an agile solution for our development projects to meet the dynamic market requirements," Yoon continues.     

After the successful start with Project Office, KISAN Electronics plans to use different modules of the CONTACT Elements platform for its Partner Service Management Portal in the future.

Partner in this project is KOSTECH Korea Simulation Technology.

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