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New Tech newsletter for customers and partners

All around our Elements platform there are continuous innovations. In order to keep process owners, developers and key users of Elements applications up to date, we now publish the "ProductNews". Thomas König, Head of Product Management & Consulting, describes the new format.

CONTACT's software development and product management offer a new service for customers and partners that is directly associated with their daily work. A joint editorial team always provides the latest information on technical and functional changes resulting from our product roadmap. Thomas König outlines the idea behind the CONTACT ProductNews.

Thomas, who are you addressing with this newsletter?

TK: We communicate with everyone who is responsible for the deployment and operation of our solutions and has the appropriate knowledge. These are above all the system administrators and project managers at our customers as well as our international service partners. In addition, there are key users with an interest in what new functions or applications will soon be available.

What topics are on your agenda?

TK: We inform about the current software levels, our product roadmap and changes in our support matrix. We also give tips, for example on updating to new versions, or send a security alert as soon as we have discovered and closed a security gap. 

Why a separate newsletter if such information can also be found in CONTACT’s customer and partner portal?

TK: Many people today have little time to remain informed at all times. That is why we have set up a push service for our target groups that bundles relevant information and brings them up to date quickly.

How often does your Tech-Newsletter appear?

TK: There is no fixed timetable, because we proceed on a case-by-case basis. We meet weekly with colleagues from software development to discuss the upcoming topics. For example, there may be several issues in one month, while in another there may be only one newsletter.

Do readers like the new format?

TK: The good response to the first issue of CONTACT ProductNews is very promising. Feedback on the content is expressly welcome, also with regard to further topics for our newsletter! If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, please contact the editorial team at

Customers and partners who have not yet received ProductNews can register here.




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