IoT: A machine tool turns smart

CONTACT and the Fraunhofer IPK have implemented a scenario for predictive maintenance. At the heart of the solution lies a machine tool that has been retrofitted to create a digitally networked test bed for drive shafts.

CONTACT Software has worked together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology (IPK) to develop a demonstrator that brings the potential of IoT-based services to life. It can be seen in the "Industry 4.0 Lab" operated by the Berlin Center for Digital Transformation and enables predictive maintenance by the operator or manufacturer thanks to machine condition monitoring based on a number of operating parameters.

Staff at the IPK have reconfigured a machine tool to turn it into a test bed for drive shafts. A network of sensors based on microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) is implemented at the machine to record, collect and analyze runtime data such as the machine's vibration behavior in specific operating states. The test bed has been connected to the CONTACT Elements platform as part of the project. "This allows us to combine operating data gained from live monitoring with the design versions of the test bed and test pieces within the digital twin," explains Dr. Patrick Müller, who is responsible for this solution at CONTACT.

With CONTACT Elements for IoT, the real test bed is represented by its digital twin. It is supplemented by a digital lifecycle record that documents the design versions and is used for digitally supported test runs. Anaconda modules developed by CONTACT's partner Continuum Analytics are used to analyze the measured data and determine the machine characteristics. The secure, scalable Data Science Platform from the Python environment provides an ideal basis for these operations.

The Berlin Center for Digital Transformation develops and evaluates. practical solutions for the digital transformation. It bundles the expertise of four Fraunhofer institutes and offers companies comprehensive research and implementation capabilities from a single source. A wide range of networked applications are demonstrated at its various transfer centers. These include the 5G Testbed, the IoT Lab, the Hardware for CPS Lab and the Industry 4.0 Lab, where the test bed for predictive maintenance that was developed in cooperation with CONTACT is operated.

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