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SIG Combibloc switches to CIM Database PLM

CONTACT Software, together with SolidLine, came out on top in a large-scale PLM benchmark. SIG Combibloc, one of the world's leading manufacturers of cartons and filling machines for food and beverages, is set to completely reorganize its global product development process with CIM DATABASE PLM and SolidWorks.

SIG Combibloc supplies customers across the globe with packing materials for food and beverages as well as the necessary filling machines. Efficient development processes that fully meet the stringent quality demands in terms of metering technologies, hygiene standards, system documentation and so on are a prerequisite for global success – and a key reason for choosing CIM DATABASE PLM.

One motivating factor behind SIG's initiative was that one of the central software components in product development had come to the end of its life. "The tools we use in R&D have served us well so far but are now beginning to hold us back," explains Dirk Noske, Head of Legal Compliance & Documentation at SIG. "That is why we are investing in new, cutting-edge PLM solutions that will allow us to continue to meet all the demands of our customers and the market in the future."

Alongside this strategic realignment, SIG is also planning to switch to a new CAD system. The joint package proposed by CONTACT Software and SolidLine was impressive in all respects. And so the company will initially introduce CIM DATABASE and SolidWorks at its technology center in Linnich/North Rhine-Westphalia and subsequently roll out the new applications worldwide. The PLM team is made up of staff from different departments and countries as well as external experts, and they are making use of agile methods to move this ambitious project along quickly and reliably.

The project focuses on a large number of demanding aspects such as multi-CAD data management, mechatronics, product structure management, technical changes, ERP process synchronization, content management, globally distributed data maintenance and so on.

CIM DATABASE and its open technology platform CONTACT Elements give the SIG team full ability to take action: "We can optimize the processes ourselves to meet our own needs," says IT expert Bernhard Schmidt, who is heading up the PLM project alongside Dirk Noske. "This ability to act is important for us and was another factor in our decision in favor of CONTACT." The development sites in Switzerland, China and Thailand have been an integral part of the PLM project from the very start, as they will also be using the new system further down the line.

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Up to 24,000 cartons per hour are filled in sterile conditions on the CFA 724 filling machine. Photo: SIG Combibloc

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