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Gotthard Base Tunnel: CONTACT Software further Extends Support for Installment Logistics

Two solutions from CONTACT are providing support for installation of the rail technology: General contractor Transtec Gotthard employs Project Office to control the entire project. Partner ARGE 16,7 Hz is using CIM DATABASE to maintain the planning and construction of the overhead contact lines.

Two solutions from CONTACT Software are now providing support for installation of the rail technology in the Gotthard Base Tunnel. General contractor Transtec Gotthard has been using Project Office for over three years to control and monitor the project and its vast work breakdown structure. In addition, Project Office’ document component manages the complete project and contract documentation, currently amounting to more than 100,000 items. ARGE 16,7 Hz, the partner responsible for planning, constructing and commissioning the overhead railway lines, has now also decided for CONTACT Software: The sub-contractor selected CIM DATABASE PDM/PLM as a central repository for materials requirements planning and predictive stock management, daily planning of construction activities and ongoing progress monitoring.

ARGE 16,7 Hz is a joint venture between Balfour Beatty Rail and Kummler+Matter. The stringent safety requirements and the planned service life of more than 40 years mean that assembly of the overhead contact lines which requires, among other things, 40,000 anchors and more than 1400 tons of copper cable, demands absolute precision. The project office in Zurich plans, organizes and monitors every phase of installation in utmost detail. The team ensures that construction materials and machines are provided on schedule, coordinates subcontracted work and provides regular information to the construction committee on the current financial status and the progress of the project.

CIM DATABASE provides controllers with reliable information on costs and current quantities. Calculations of material requirements and availability can be produced at the touch of a button. As a result, information such as what material is needed on site and when, what needs to be reordered and how much has already been utilized can be seen at a glance. Since the beginning of the year, the system has also been used for daily resource planning for machines and personnel on-site and to provide evidence of the service performance of each subcontractor.

Fabian Niedermann, Head of Logistics and Plant Manager, explains the key benefits of using CIM DATABASE at ARGE 16,7 Hz "Stock levels, future requirements and the budget status can all be determined quickly and easily. A variety of different reports also allow us to inform our client of the current status of each of the construction activities”.

Installation Progress Railway Technology (Image: AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd)

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