Using artificial intelligence successfully

With the unique combination of experts, profound industry knowledge and the right products and solutions, CONTACT Software helps your company to use AI technology efficiently.


Our expert Dr. Udo Göbel brings transparency to the often diffuse understanding of AI and explains which concrete steps are necessary to use AI technology in a successful way.



Intelligent tools for new business models


Digital transformation leads to ever larger and faster data flows. Modern analysis methods of internal and external company data using AI technology are a success factor for service-oriented business models. Our white paper "Data Science & Analytics" shows what the latest methods can achieve in practice.


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Make the most of your data


With Monitoring & Analytics based on Elements for IoT, you can keep an eye on your machines, objects and sensors at all times - wherever they are located. AI-supported technologies automate monitoring and provide you with insights to reduce downtime and maintenance work.


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Our solution to maximize your performance


With Metrics & Reporting based on the CONTACT Elements platform, you can easily define key performance indicators (KPIs) for any PLM business object as well as business processes. You decide whether the actual values are to be recorded manually or calculated automatically.


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Are data science platforms a good idea?

In his current blog post, our Chief Data Scientist Dr. Udo Göbel clears up the misunderstanding
that data science platforms are a universal tool for automatic data analysis. Read it now!


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