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Peter Bilello
President, CIMdata

Beyond PLM? The Future of PLM Platforms

The development and complete lifecycle management of complex, smart-connected products demand open and modular digital platforms that can be extended and scaled as business requirements evolve. The era of end-to-end business platform enablement is upon us. The shift towards enabling robust and resilient business platforms requires a fundamental change. Industrial companies who wish to implement enterprise business platforms now or in the future must rethink their PLM solution set strategy, and how they identify, assess, and deploy enabling solutions. They must identify and adhere to standards and the openness of interfaces that permit their chosen solutions to be adaptable, maintainable, extensible, scalable, compatible, stable, and reliable over multiple upgrade cycles. Learn more about this major industry development and what characteristics best describe a future proof digital platform.

Frédéric Debiens
Program Manager, IoT & Edge Computing, Eclipse Foundation

Building the Internet of Things at Eclipse Through Open Source

CONTACT Software is an active member of the IoT working group at the Eclipse Foundation. But what does that mean exactly? In this session, you will discover what are open source software, the Eclipse Foundation and the Internet of Things. You will also learn how CONTACT and the other members of the Eclipse community leverage all three to deliver value to their customers and to society.

Thomas Dickopf, Christian Muggeo
CONTACT Software

MBSE and Closed-Loop Systems Engineering to support the entire product lifecycle

The complexity of today's products is increasing, as are the dependencies between the tasks of the various engineering disciplines.

New methods are required to do meet these requirements. Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) is one of them.

The presentation shows how MBSE models can be used to support modern product development. And how do these models help to "close the gaps" between the individual phases of product development?

Udo Göbel
CONTACT Software

Data Analytics in Practice

Concrete limitations and assessments are given as to what AI is, what it can do and what belongs more to the hype. A practical example illustrates the procedure in AI projects. The services offered by CONTACT Software in this area are presented.

David Gram
LEGO Ventures, Diplomatic Rebels

Diplomatic Rebels – Radical Innovation Through Intrapreneurship

The world is changing. Exponentially. Companies and industries face a climate of radical change and potential disruption. To be successful in the future, companies will need to build the capability to constantly experiment with future customer offerings in close collaboration with users and external partners.

David Gram, Venture Partner at LEGO Ventures and Co-Founder of Diplomatic Rebels will share his hard-learned lessons from tackling disruptions, building world class innovation capabilities and balancing the disruptive forces of innovation with a clear understanding and care for the past - or as he calls it being a Diplomatic Rebel.

Michael Krause
Director, ISKO engineers

Embedded SPDM - the best of two worlds!

Today simulation is the absolute benchmark for timely & digitized product development. Simulation is synonymous for many aspects of the virtual property and function validation of a product. But simulation "ticks" differently! The reasons are manifold. They range from employee acceptance to the handling of large amounts of data, a wide range of software and resource-intensive calculations.

These aspects have to be considered when developing a SDM solution. At the same time, the consistency & efficiency of the product development process (PEP) must be ensured. Usecases in SIMuSPACE 3.0 illustrate the benefits of simulation-specific requirements (adaptability, usability, openness for 3rd party products) and the embedding in the PEP.

Harald Kurz
Manager Virtual Engineering, MANN+HUMMEL

Operational excellence in transition - agile project methods flexibly integrated into the waterfall principle

Highly competitive markets require operational excellence to continue to grow profitably. In addition, these markets are changing noticeably due to ever-shorter development cycles, growing requirements and short-term change requests. On the one hand, projects must still be reliably planned, on the other hand, flexible responses to uncertain requirements and short-term changes are needed. Established methods are questioned and combined with new, agile methods such as Shop Floor Management, Scrum and Kanban. We present the challenges a company like Mann+Hummel faces and how it effectively integrates the different approaches in order to shape its change.

Frank Patz-Brockmann
Director Software Development, CONTACT Software

PLM and more: CONTACT's Technology Roadmap around the Elements Platform and the Virtual Product

Get to know the latest modules and improvements of the CONTACT Elements technology platform and take an exclusive look at the CONTACT Elements Roadmap.

Yilmaz Tüfekci
Senior Manager, BearingPoint

Industry 4.0 – Digital Business Models within Customer Service accelerated by Digital Twins of the Product

Learn more about the Digital Twin of the product and its stages within the lifecycle. Get to know beneficial Digital Business Model options, AI driven models and the Digital Twin Visualization approach (POC).

Regine Wolters, Stephanie Uding
CONTACT Software & Weidmüller Interface

Environment, health and safety: EHS data in PLM systems - practical example & implementation notes

RoHS, REACH and WEEE are only some of the legal requirements in the area of EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety) that are related to product data.

The EHS component is a flexibly extensible solution that can be used to gradually increase the depth of data. A major advantage is the linking of the product data with each other in order to arrive a targeted, risk-based and systematic compliance statement. In addition to the practical example, the audience will also receive valuable tips & hints on implementation.

Karl Heinz Zachries
CONTACT Software

CONTACT Software - Company Roadmap

Markets and products are under the sign of digital transformation. Companies expect methods and tools that help to actively shape this change. How does CONTACT position itself for this and expand its offer? Founder and Managing Director Karl Heinz Zachries presents the positioning and strategies of the company.



Take a look at the thematically structured lectures! The timetable will follow shortly.

Product Lifecycle Management

CIM Database PLM: Highlights of the current release and roadmap
Dr. Patrick Müller, Team Leader Engineering Transformation & Product Manager PLM, CONTACT Software

Agile and user-centric: How Project Office evolves
Udo Leischner, Product Manager Project Office, CONTACT Software

Workspaces: Current innovations and Next Generation Workspaces 4
Thomas König, Director Product Management & Consulting, CONTACT Software

Agile Project Management in Practice - Operational Excellence in Change
Harald Kurz,  Manager Virtual Engineering , MANN+HUMMEL

Acceleration Customer Delivery Leveraging Digital Processes and PIM
Dr. Martin Dräxler, Project Manager Product Lifecycle Management, Weidmüller Interface

PLM in plant construction: practical experience and implementation of an industry solution
Dr. Michael Muschiol & Dr. Patrick Müller, Team Leader Engineering Transformation & Product Manager PLM, CONTACT Software

Product structures from development to the "installed base" as a basis for service and IoT applications
Jens Byland, Strategic Consultant & Partner, Intalliact

Embedded SPDM – the best of two worlds!
Michael Krause, Director, ISKO engineers

Environment, health and safety: EHS data in PLM systems - practical example & implementation notes
Stephanie Uding, Substance Data Management, Weidmüller Interface & Dr. Regine Wolters, Team Leader & Product Manager PLM, CONTACT Software

MBSE and Closed-Loop Systems Engineering to support the entire product lifecycle
Thomas Dickopf, MBSE Analyst & Christian Muggeo, MBSE & PLM Analyst and Consultant, CONTACT Software

DMU automation in the PLM process, integration of invenio VT with CONTACT Elements
Marco Santruschek, Head of International Business and Partners & Dr. Patrick Müller, Team Leader Engineering Transformation & Product Manager PLM, CONTACT Software

Internet of Things

Elements for IoT: Highlights of the current release and roadmap
Stefan Gregorzik, Manager Corporate Development, CONTACT Software

Industry 4.0 – Digital Business Models within Customer Service accelerated by Digital Twins of the Product
Claus Rissing & Yilmaz Tüfekci, Senior Manager, BearingPoint

Building the Internet of Things at Eclipse through Open Source
Frédéric Desbiens, Program Manager, IoT and Edge Computing, Eclipse Foundation

Open & Flexible Architecture – Basis for Successful IoT Projects
Robert Andres, Chief Strategy Officer, Eurotech Group

Bosch & CONTACT Elements for IoT Collaboration
Subhasis Panda,
Senior Architect, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions

IoT Practice: Mobile data acquisition and digital condition monitoring for construction site infrastructure
Jan Loddenkemper, Managing Director & André Vermeulen, Project Manager, VERO Digital Solutions Europe

IoT Practice: The MIXACO Control Center based on CONTACT Elements for IoT
Matthias Tölle, Managing Director, MIXACO Maschinenbau

Agile Digital Engineering with CONTACT Software & T-SYSTEMS PLM Cloud
Dr. Karl-Heinz Hierholz,
Project Manager PLM Cloud, T-Systems International

Lifecycle Monitoring – Application of Industry 4.0 technologies for the implementation of Smart Maintenance in production industry
Claudio Geisert, stellv. Abteilungsleiter Produktionsmaschinen und Anlagenmanagement, Leiter Transferzentrum Industrie 4.0 Lab, Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionsanlagen und Konstruktionstechnik IPK

IoT Lab
– Live and Hands-On: Try out IoT yourself
Andreas Saum, Analyst, CONTACT Software

Further Topics

Be Part of Designing the Elements User Experience
Anica Kleinjan, Usability Engineer & Dr. Benjamin Walther-Franks, UX-Developer, CONTACT Software

CONTACT Elements APIs: Develop your own applications quickly and reliably
Jörg Kollmann, Principal Software Engineer PLM/ERP Applications & Guido Weber, Principal Software Engineer Platform, CONTACT Software

Trends around OSLC
Axel Reichwein, CEO,

ALOHA CONTACT's new customer and partner portal
Stefan Gregorzik, Manager Corporate Development, CONTACT Software

Data Analytics in Practice
Dr. Udo Göbel, Chief Data Scientist, CONTACT Software

CONTACT Elements goes DevOps
Waleri Enns, Team-Manager Quality, CONTACT Software



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