Advantages for enterprises and employees

  • Secure projects through proactive risk management
  • Make project and product risks visible and define measures
  • Meet product and process quality requirements with less effort


Secure your projects through proactive risk management

Unexpected events hide potentially significant risks for your company's economic success and reputation. That is why proactive risk management is one of the essential components of project, product and quality management. Take anticipatory actions to secure your company's projects against the risks involved in product use and to guarantee quality assurance. Risk Management helps you to systematically identify and assess risks before they become a reality!

Make project and product risks visible and define measures

In many cases, experience has already shown the impact that individual negative factors can have on projects. By assessing possible negative scenarios at an early stage and defining the corresponding countermeasures, you can minimize the process-related risks to your projects. When the permitted threshold values for probability of occurrence and scope of damage are exceeded, you initiate the planned actions. Risk Management gives you certainty when mapping your process requirements and process know-how to suitable workflows.  And if anything does actually go wrong, you can take the necessary countermeasures.

Meet risk and quality management standards with less effort

The best possible method of prevention is to adopt proven industry and regulatory standards: ISO 31000 sets out general principles and guidelines on the implementation of risk management actions. Application of the ISO 31010 standard is helpful during risk assessment. CONTACT's Risk Management is based on these guidelines – for example, regarding the concepts and methods involved in risk assessment. The predefined framework can be easily adapted to your specifications. Minimize your project and product risks with integrated analyses of probabilities of occurrence, impacts and consequences as well as countermeasures.

Preventive quality management
Risk evaluation has also gained in importance in the field of quality management. CONTACT Elements helps companies implement the new requirements of ISO 9001. In the future, certified organizations have to demonstrate that they can systematically identify, analyze and assess risks and that they are able to plan and implement countermeasures. With Risk Management and the parallel documentation produced in CONTACT Elements, you can do this at the touch of a button.

Related Elements

Ensure the compliance of materials with industry and regulatory standards such as REACH and RoHS during the development process

Ensure a transparent view of the materials used in your products

Make sure that only permitted materials are processed

Quality-tested delivery of regulated materials

Record and eliminate complaints and shortcomings in the product or project context

Improve customer satisfaction and reduce series ramp-up costs

Implement an end-to-end process from the recording of errors to their rectification through to the archiving of solutions

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