Advantages for companies and employees

Build a new way of customer focus with your IoT business models

The customer record can identify further sales options if they are supplemented accordingly

Compliance with usage limits is checked and invoicing processes are initiated

The community infrastructure offers an additional touch point in your communications

Digital business means even more focus on the customer

Customer (user) focus and loyalty are of central importance in IoT business models. The link between IoT business logic, CRM and the order transaction process must be correspondingly tight. On the one hand, the customer record is supplemented by the usage characteristics of the devices and services in order to identify more far-reaching sales options. In addition, billing processes are initiated and compliance with usage frameworks is checked. A reliable and resilient interface to legacy systems is a key success factor.

The community infrastructure supports your communication in all processes

Since customer focus – in the sense of proximity to product use  – is a central aspect in IoT business models, an additional touch point for direct communication between the user and the provider/designer's operator  is of essential importance (beyond M2M communication). Such a community infrastructure must offer professional support for valid process control, i.e. allow the handling of value-adding service processes and critical communication processes. At the same time, channels for informal exchange must also be provided.

Related Elements

Controlling customer processes from offer to after-sales service

Control customer processes directly throughout project planning and product development operations

Find better ways for sales, project planning and product development staff to work together

Document agreements reached with the customer and manage discrepancies and changes

Record and eliminate complaints and shortcomings in the product or project context

Improve customer satisfaction and reduce series ramp-up costs

Implement an end-to-end process from the recording of errors to their rectification through to the archiving of solutions

Manage tasks, standardize and accelerate processes and meet regulatory requirements

Map and standardize recurring processes as process templates

Speed up processes and ensure compliance

Direct integration in task and project management

Planning technical changes reliably, implementing them faster and ensuring traceable documentation

Accelerate change processes through digital workflows and standards

Simplify work with digital folders and Task Manager

Map change processes easily and flexibly and benefit from end-to-end documentation

Validate the analysis of technical changes using 3D models

Making teamwork easier and more efficient than ever with social media functions

Targeted information distribution with contextual reference

Tailored delivery of information across the entire company

Encourage employees with a new user experience


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