Task Management

Task Management

Overview of all existing project tasks and direct access to context information

Overview of all existing project tasks and direct access to context information

Advantages for enterprises and employees

  • Use tasks to set the course for a smooth transition from project planning to implementation
  • Allow your project participants an optimal self-organization
  • •Connect reliability with agility and keep track of the multi-project mode

Smooth transition from planning to implementation

Task planning with project roles
Task Management supports you during both project planning and operational implementation. Assign project roles to your team members and perform an initial allocation of the planned tasks to the project roles – possibly even in the project template or document templates.  In this way, you predefine the project structure and ensure that the pending tasks are displayed to all assigned roles.

Personal cockpit for users
You can assign tasks to named individuals in the light of your own specific project culture: Your project managers can either allocate tasks directly to individual assigned roles or you can allow a higher level of self-organization and give your personnel greater freedom in the distribution of tasks. The important thing is: With Task Management, all users can see all their pending tasks and checklist items in their personal cockpit at all times.

Task Manager provides an overview of all pending tasks

Optimum self-organization of project participants

Tasks, context information and personal lookup
In Task Management, your project members will find their pending tasks – work packages, checklists, open issues, workflow tasks, etc. – displayed in a clearly structured, tabular form. For each task, the Task Manager presents the relevant context information, such as documents or parts, in the detail view. Your employees are able to adapt tasks in the light of special requirements or personal preferences, for example by grouping them together by project, task type or task status or by adding or removing columns. All users can configure and save multiple lookup settings of this type. The additional possibility of marking up tasks with individual tags represents the final step in optimally self-organized task management.

Configure individual lookup options for task management quickly and easily

Combine reliability with agility – Maintain an overview in multi-project mode

Systematic, focused approach
The Task Manager resolves a long-standing conflict of aims in the project management field: Acting simultaneously as a planning and implementation tool, it combines a systematic, reliable approach with self-organization and agility. Your project participants see their tasks displayed in their personal Lookup  view exactly when they are due for realization – without first being flooded with detailed information that obscures the important issues. 

Feedback from the processing context ‒ Overview in the multi-project cockpit
Task progress can also be reported directly in your task list in the same targeted, "lean" way to support ongoing activity. Various feedback capabilities are available for this. These range from status feedback through the specification of completion levels and on to “traffic light” ratings and comments in the Activity Stream. Thanks to direct feedback from the processing context, project managers receive an up-to-date overview of the progress of each individual project. They can see a full overview in the clearly structured multi-project cockpit and can introduce countermeasures quickly if any problems occur.

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