PLM: Take Control of Variants, Reduce Costs

Individualized products are more popular than ever, but they generate significant additional costs for manufacturers. Development-driven variant management tackles the issue at the point where the range of variants is defined. It results in a higher level of efficiency in all process steps and helps systematically reduce costs for downstream activities such as purchasing, warehousing and service.


Compliance Management: Making It Easier to Play by the Rules with PLM

Alongside meeting the requirements of markets and customers, companies have to observe a wealth of different rules and regulations during product development: national and international standards, environmental regulations and legislation designed to protect employees, consumers and patients. PLM-assisted compliance management helps companies keep within the rules and provide evidence that they have done so.


CIM DATABASE PLM: allsafe JUNGFALK Optimizes Product Development Process

allsafe JUNGFALK, a leading specialist for load restraint systems, places its trust in CIM DATABASE PLM. The mid-sized company uses CONTACT`s CAD data and document management solution, including ERP synchronization, and is planning further system enhancements relating to paperless production, classification and project management.