PLM: End-to-End Order Processing in Switchgear Cabinet Construction

An uninterruptible supply of power for critical operational processes is absolutely crucial in many fields. And this is the market served by BENNING, a manufacturer of UPS solutions for industry, telecommunications and other sectors. In order to keep control of the many customer-specific projects, the company uses a PLM system to provide end-to-end support for its processes.


FCMS GmbH and Dassault Systèmes Conclude CAA Adopter Agreement

Fast Concept Modelling & Simulation GmbH (FCMS), focused on the functional validation of virtual prototypes from within CATIA, is a new member of the CAA Development Community. Dassault Systèmes and the subsidiary of CONTACT Software have concluded a corresponding partnership agreement.


PLM Portal Enables Secure Integration of Suppliers

Many enterprises could no longer do without their PDM/PLM systems. Despite this, almost no support is offered for collaboration with external development partners. CONTACT's Collaboration Portal now provides a secure platform for the integration of suppliers in the PLM-assisted development process.