Medical Engineering: PLM Ensuring Compliance

PDM, Product Data Management, PLM, Product Lifecycle Management, PLM IT Report No.1, February/March 2014

Companies involved in the field of medical technology not only have to provide evidence of the reliability of their products; the regulatory authorities also check that they exercised due diligence during development and production. Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe relies on PLM to cope with the ever increasing compliance requirements.


CONTACT Workspaces: Unicode Release 3.3 available

CONTACT Software launches the Unicode release of its Workspaces technology. Workspaces integrate heterogeneous CAx tools and help developers to work together more quickly, in a synchronized manner and organized in the way that they choose.


Key Performance Indicators in Engineering

Process indicators have long been providing monitoring and control parameters in financial accounting, sales and production, but up to now, they have rarely been seen in the field of product development. The PLM performance initiative PIPE now provides a standardized system of indicators to rectify this discrepancy.